I have a degree in business administration from the University of Hamburg with a subsequent diploma thesis at Royal Dutch SHELL AG and a final semester in Virginia Tech, USA. 

I gained my first commercial experience on an international level at Textile Pressing AG in Hamburg. Then I moved to Istanbul for professional reasons, and from there I finally set up my own textile trading company, DAPA. 

In order to be able to leave a clean environment and earth for future generations, I devoted myself more and more to sustainability and renewable energies after the birth of my son. This ultimately motivated me to build and operate my own solar park in December 2018. 

The 2.4 MW system, consisting of over 10,000 solar panels on an area of around 40,000 square meters, has since produced around 4,000,000 kw/h of emission-free, green electricity a year. The plant is located in southeastern Turkey, in the Karaman region, with almost the best solar radiation values, all year round. 

As a creative entrepreneur, I always think about the next challenge. I wanted to incorporate my valuable experience in the production of green electricity into my “heart project”: Together with my three shareholders, I founded H2Energy Solutions to promote the production of green hydrogen in Germany. 

The only possible location for this innovative company was my old home and “great love” Hamburg. The city is symbolic of an open and modern “gateway to the world” and represents a future-oriented and creative metropolis in the heart of Europe.