Klaus WOLF


I was born in Bremerhaven in 1959 and graduated in mechanical engineering, education, psychology and international relations from three different universities and I hold both a university diploma and a master’s degree. I was a pilot in the Bundeswehr and have 14 years of experience in various military and political assignments outside of Germany. Most recently I was communications director for an international organization in Istanbul. 

In addition to a broad education, I am experienced to work within teams of different cultural backgrounds. My strength is to bring together, combine and further develop the various skills and opportunities of people in a holistic approach. 

My family is the most important thing to me and from it emerged the care for our planet and the need to protect the environment. Social commitment to environmental protection is necessary, but I wanted to do more than just talk or write. Only those who tackle the problem in practice, understand the real challenges and thus are able to ultimately make a difference. 

As an investor, I have been looking at hydrogen technology for many years and have always been fascinated by the range of possibilities. In recent years there has been significant development in the evolution and optimization of green hydrogen, and most importantly social and political acceptance. The positive framework still requires practical implementation. I am sure that together with my co-founders, partners and customers, I will be able to develop and implement the new ideas and projects.  

In my more than forty years of professional education, further training as well my work experiences, I have learned that we can only achieve different goals together. In addition, I am still learning every day and especially appreciate the exchange with people of all backgrounds.  

I am interested in history, am a nature-conserving hunter, love dogs and horses and am obsessed with technology that drives and flies. I also need sport for my fitness and as a source of fresh thoughts and new ideas.